Sunday, April 24, 2011

Best Buds

I love my boys!  I love that they're such great friends!  They play so well together and have so much fun, whatever they're doing.  I'm so glad they have each other and we have them in our lives!

 They LOVE playing on the playground and can entertain each other for hours (mommy LOVES it too!! :) 

 They're fun, crazy and funny.
 and they're the best mess-makers I've ever met!

 They're handsome and loving...
and always keep things entertaining!
I hope you two will always be the best of buds!

Monster Truck Rally!

So Monster Truck shows are something I never really had on my lifelong to-do list, but since being in Virginia and having two boys, I've now attended two!
We were able to go with some good friends and had a great time
And here's my two year old playing a monster truck game on my ipod while waiting for the next venue...Really?!
We were able to get up close and personal with some of the 'really cool' trucks!
Love quality family bonding time! ...and Grave Digger!

Dr. Evil!...?

During the week, a dentist. On the weekends, a super villain! Who knew Rudy was so versatile?!
Our good friends, the Scotts, had a party for their son and needed a super villain. Rudy was more than willing and was able to progress his acting career with this show! He was a frighteningly good supervillain bringing bombs and kryptonite the kids had to destroy.
The kids all finally got their "web-blasters" out and took down the evil Dr.!

On the weekends he's choosing to not be a villain, he's the local outstanding citizen- Rudy the Ruritan Bear! Helping and loving kids everywhere and taking part in the Goode Ruritan Club to help bring funds to local charities! (talk about bi-polar! :)
He's the youngest member in the Ruritan about 30 years. :)
Kids sure do love him any way he comes- super villain, cuddly bear, molar man, doctor, or daddy!!