Monday, May 23, 2011

Nana and Papa!

My parents came into town on May 11th (a day after Tucker's Bday and 5 days after Kyla's due date), they stayed for two weeks. Originally we had planned that time for them to get to know their new granddaughter...since she didn't come until 3 days before they left, we had to improvise! :)

We got to see all the sights we never knew we needed to see! :)

 Like the Listening Post 'Doughboy Statue' (story told on this website: and many other random sights that we were able to see.

What a cute pair of sightseers! :)

All the while I was still VERY pregnant!  This picture is super crazy of my belly at 11 days past my due date while having a contraction.  Freakishly huge and humorously fake looking, eh?

We got to enjoy some really good dining...

and some 'fishing'.  This was at Smith Mountain Lake.  There's an area where there are hundreds of overgrown carp that get fed way too much by passersby with lots of bread.  They were so tame, the boys stuck their fingers in and the fish tried to swallow them whole (the fingers, not the boys).

 And what's a trip to Southwest Virginia without sampling the local fair of Deep Fried Snickers at the Mayberry Drive-in! (Rudy's favorite)

We took a random hike up the Blue Ridge Mountains to find a farmhouse that's been around for 100+ years.  

 Much to our relief and excitement, Kyla finally came 3 days before it was time for my parents to leave.
It was so nice to have them here for the whole experience and to share it all with them!
And, of course, we had to finish our sightseeing tour with a local Blue Grass Festival!
(We actually went to this festival the day I got home from the hospital.)

Cooper enjoying some fresh strawberry shortcake at the fair.

We really wanted my parents to be here for the blessing, so although she was only 2 days old, we were so grateful to be able to share that special experience with them before they left

Two cute little Robyns enjoying some bonding time :)

The boys LOVED having Nana and Papa here.
The dress up was inspired by "Papa The Fix-It Man" who, while he was here, fixed all kinds of little issues we had around the house.  Thanks Papa! :)

Nana and Papa also brought some fun gifts for the boys to enjoy. 

It was so nice to have my parents here for some relaxation time, sightseeing, playing with the boys, holding their new granddaughter and just being able to be together!

Thank you both for coming and for all the fun!

We miss you and love you so much!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Kyla Robyn

Good things come to those that wait...I can testify to that! Kyla Robyn made her entrance into the world at 12:46 AM on Friday morning May 20th (officially 14 days past her due date!)    I had been holding off hoping and praying for a natural delivery but I was getting to the end of my options as the midwives were getting antsy and wanted me to set an induction date.  My parents had come into town on the 11th (assuming that 5 days past my due date would be a safe time to be here for the birth...luckily they decided to stay for almost two weeks!!).  We got to see all of Bedford, Lynchburg, and other surrounding areas as we waited for her arrival.  I bounced on balls, ate spicy food, got membranes stripped, hiked the Blue Ridge Mountains-- to no avail.  We set the induction date for Friday the 20th at 6 AM.  One nice thing about giving birth is realizing how much of it is in the Lord's hands.  He knew best when it came to the whole experience and when would be best for her to come.  Teaching me patience and trust-- after on and off powerful contractions for the past 2+ months and starting to feel like I'd never go into labor on my own --Thursday night came.  Contractions came and continued to build all day.  Although they never got consistent, they definitely got more painful!  At 10 pm I decided these ones actually might not fade away.  We got to the hospital at about 11 pm and decided to wait until after midnight (so they wouldn't charge us for an additional day in the hospital! :)  By midnight, we were filling out paperwork and the contractions got right on top of each other.  It was almost identical to my experience with Cooper and I knew things would happen pretty fast from this point.  I got upstairs as fast as I could between contractions.  At 12:15 they were rushing to IV me, ask the 126 health history questions, and set up the equipment.  I was quickly remembering how PAINFUL the end of labor is!  30 minutes and 3 pushes later- Kyla Robyn entered the world!

We were all able to sleep a little and had some wonderful visitors a few hours later Friday morning.  The boys were so cute and so excited to see their sister they had been waiting soooo long for.  Kyla and her Nana had an immediate bond (not just because of her middle name! ;)  It was so nice to have my mom and dad there to help take care of the kids and the house.  We miss you already! THANK YOU!!!

We didn't have a first name for her going into the hospital (not for lack of time to think of one!)  We had a few options, but couldn't decide.  Rudy went home Friday night and asked each of the boys at separate times what they wanted her name to be.  Tucker told Rudy her name was Kyla and Cooper chose Kyla from the list Rudy gave him.  So, Kyla it is!
I'm not a fan of hospitals (although the room service and chocolate shakes were AWESOME! :)  My wonderful nurse was so cute at fighting my cause to get out early.  I was able to leave Saturday morning and head back home...and then out to the local strawberry festival and out to dinner. :)

Part of having my parents come out was really wanting them to be there for the blessing.  We had originally planned on her being a couple weeks old on the 22nd, not two days... oh well!  We were able to bless Kyla two days after she was born (hey, we avoided the blessing rash this way! :)  Rudy gave her a wonderful blessing.  Ginny let us borrow her beautiful dress she used for her daughter who shares the same great middle name.  Thanks Gin and Nicole! :) 
I know babies aren't supposed to be able to knowingly smile for a few weeks after they're born...but she sure has fooled us a few times already with her smiles!  Kyla is such a joy to have in our home!  It's crazy to think she's not even 5 days old yet!! Her temperament is peaceful and happy and she's only waking up once in the night to feed! We're all so glad she's a part of our family and are excited to continue to get to know this wonderful little girl!  We love you Kyla!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Happy 5th Birthday Tucker!!

Before sweet Kyla came along, Tucker turned 5! (although he was expecting her to come before his birthday, not 10 days after! :) 

He wanted an 'Buzz Lightyear' Party this year.  We had an awesome Buzz cake, an alien invasion, and of course, a visit from Emperor Zurg!

 So many fun friends and fun gifts!

Tucker had to be lifted up over all the kids to blow out the candles! :)  
Thanks to my friend Cressida!  (she helped me by making the cake for the party with my craziness of baby, parents coming, rudy's triathalon, etc)

And of course, thanks to Emperor Zurg for his 'cameo appearance'! :)  

 Throwing aliens back into the black hole they came from. :)

The day after his birthday my parent flew in and brought some fun presents!

 Thanks Nana and Papa!

Tucker is such a joy to have in our lives!  We can't believe how big he's getting.  This past year, he really exploded into such a great little man. He's been such a great helper around the house and with his younger siblings.  He and Cooper play SO well together and are truly best friends!  He is constantly doting over Kyla and what a "cutie" and "sweetie pie" she is, continuously wanting to see her and give her hugs and kisses.  He's always been so good at making us laugh and has such a gift to lift others spirits and bring them joy.  I've never met a kid with so many facial expressions!  Tucker, we love you so much and are SO glad you're in our lives!! Happy Birthday Bud!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Triathlete!

As if my hubby weren't studly enough, he decides to go and run a triathlon! With help and encouragement from our good friend Harvey, he was able to not only finish the race, but he did really well!  Way to go, Babe!  We're so proud of you!
Yes, that's me after my due date and still pregnant!...shocker.
Some big fans giving their hero a good luck high five!
Rudy finishing his open-water swim in his hot purple swim cap.
Looking like a pro on the bike.
Struttin his stuff on the run...

then breaking into a dead sprint on the final stretch!!