Sunday, May 10, 2009


You're THREE! What a wonderful three years it has been with you, our beautiful little boy! I can't believe it's been three years since we were holding you in the hospital after a very long, difficult delivery! You just liked it too much in the womb and didn't want to come out. 10 days after you were due, we decided to induce labor. 23 hours, LOTS of pain, 2 non-working epidurals, two hemhorraged eyes, and a pair of forceps later, you were born! ...and named after the forceps to boot! :) But you were definitely worth it! It's so much fun to watch you grow and become a wonderful boy, full of energy and enthusiasm. You already love to be the entertainer (taking after the ham-i-ness of your dad! ;). It's so fun to watch how much joy you get out of making others laugh! You'll do pretty much anything-- including running face first into fences and playground toys and falling over to get a laugh out of your buddies. You've always loved to dance. From about 4 months old you'd get your groove on with anything that had a beat. You have a great sense of rhythm and have taught your dad and I some great moves! Your facial expressions are endless and very entertaining. I catch you when you think I'm not watching being a really good big brother and making Cooper laugh harder than I've ever been able to. You're a joy in our lives and bring so much fun and light into our home, we're so glad you're a part of our family and can't wait to see what each year brings with you!


We had lots of fun yesterday at his McQueen/Thomas party. I had lots of fun prepping for the party. While I was making a labor-intensive McQueen cake for Tucker, he came up to the table, sat down and rested his head in his hands, looked dreamily at the cake and then glanced up at me, "I looooove Queen. Tank you, Mommy, it looks sooooo good!" That made the fact that my 'work of art' was eaten in about 2.7 minutes more than worth it! :) We played 'pin the squished bug on the car windshield' and 'Thomas toss' and Tucker got all kinds of fun toys from very generous friends. Tucker had a blast.

Today was nice to share his bday with mother's day. Rudy was great letting me 'sleep in' before we went to 9 am church, making me breakfast, letting me nap after church, and making me a delicious dinner after the kids went down. We were able have a little family party in the evening for Tucker and enjoy some nice family time. And it gets even better! Rudy has the next two weeks off! This coming week will be nice and relaxing with catching up on things that need to get done. Next week we'll be off to Outer Banks, NC for a fun-filled week at a beach house with 6 other families. Rudy's third year is officially over! Onto the final year! WAHOO!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kings Dominion...and other fairly crazy tales

We pooled together some gift money and decided to get Kings Dominion season passes for the summer. We've heard so much about the great amusement parks out here in VA and boy were they right! We went this last Saturday with our friends, the Martins, and had such a great time. The park is HUGE. There are some GREAT big kid rides and the little ones have some pretty good ones as well! ;) We went from noon to 8:30 and didn't even get to half the rides...and the water park isn't even open yet! I do believe we've made a great investment--we can't wait to go back!

However, the day-o-fun didn't end at 8:30. We decided to keep the party hoppin' by going out to dinner at the local Cici's (Rudy's favorite--a pizza buffet). We hit solid traffic getting to the restaurant and didn't get there until 9:30. By then our kids were out, but none of us had eaten dinner so we decided to get a little crazy and wake them up to stuff our faces with pizza 1/2 hour before they closed. At 10:00 Tucker and Sam (the Martin's little boy) were running on brownie fuel all over the arcade they had. I went to the restroom and came out to find Tucker crying pretty solidly in Rudy's arms. Rudy announced, "I think he's going to need stitches". "Oh Rudy," I thought to myself, "you're spending too much time in medical situations, I'm sure he's fine"...(apparantly he HAS been spending too much time in medical situations and KNEW what he was talking about! ;) He pulled the paper towel away and I think I saw his skull. Without missing a beat our sweet friend (who just so happens to be a Maxillofacial Surgeon), invited us over to his house where he'd "take care of it". And that he did! They let us come over to their house until after midnight while on one of his FEW precious days OFF work, he...worked. They set up a little 'hospital' with some Mickey Mouse Club to help distract while Tucker was numbed, cleaned, and stitched up beautifully! THANKS GUYS! I can't imagine having to go to the hospital until the wee hours of the morning just to have the on-call Dr. patch him up. He did a great job, Tucker was a great patient, and I think we'll always remember our first day at Kings Dominion! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Potty Training Woes

Tucker sitting on potty: "Mom, not working, needs batteries."
Mom (stifling laughter): "Batteries?"
Tucker: "Yeah, penis broken, doesn't work right"

Needless to say...we're still not ready for big boy underwear! :)