Monday, October 11, 2010

The day from H-E-double hockey sticks

  • started off with tucker having a poop mess at 8:00 am..couldn't clean him up amidst all of the extreme 'stickiness' of the situation, so decided it was bath time.
  • sent the kids up to the bath so i could clean up poop
  • heard bad splashes, went up to see over an inch of water covering the bathroom floor.
  • put kids 'gently' in rooms while cleaned up, thought i got it all pretty fast...
  • got kids dressed after a good scolding and went to do a load of laundry
  • went downstairs to find the kids and hear cooper coming inside, see his freshly bathed body covered, inlcuding every strand of white blonde hair, in fine black dirt.
  • go to get mad at tucker, sitting outside in the dirt, having peed his pants so he's now covered in dirt/mud.
  • grabbed cooper to take him back outside to dust him off and look up at the kitchen ceiling to find it soaked with water and water dripping from the light fixture.
  • send both kids outside so i can deal with the immediate emergency and dry up the floor and keep the ceiling from bubbling.
  • go outside once the main stuff is taken care of to see both boys had turned on the outside faucet (which is right over a flower bed full of dirt) throwing mud pies at each other.
  • got them naked outside and made them stand there and dry off so i could flake off the dirt...wasn't about to give them another bath today...didn't dare.
  • got them dressed for the THIRD time and sent them upstairs into the toyroom.
  • went to switch the laundry over to find somehow tucker had gotten handfuls worth of woodchips in the load without me noticing. I spent time pulling the chips off each individual piece as i threw the clothes into the dryer.
  • went to go talk to tucker about not putting things in his pockets...they weren't in the playroom...
  • found them in my bedroom, in my nightstand drawer, had found my bank...emptied it all over the bedroom (cash and coins)...about to get upset over that when i look to see cooper poopy...and diaperless.
  • wiped and diapered cooper back up and locked the boys in the toyroom so i could clean up the poop/money mess in our room.
  • decided to get at least ONE actual check of my list today and changed all the boys clothes over to fall/winter stuff.
  • for some freakish reason thought about making dinner. decided to put the kids in front of a show where i could see them, while i prepped.
  • cutting up food, turned around to see cooper (still have no idea how i didn't see or hear him) on the opposite side of the kitchen had grabbed a chair and gotten the baking soda, poured it ALL over the stovetop and then decided he was going to clean it up and poured water on top of that.
  • put dinner in a crockpot (even though it was 4:00 and dinner was in 2 hours), cleaned up pasty mess, and sat down locking the boys in each arm to watch a show...the most peaceful half hour of the day.
  • laundry was done, took both boys up with me to my room (wasn't going to let them out of my sight again).
  • cooper 'helped' me do the laundry by throwing my folded piles on the floor when i went to put the boys stuff away in their room.
  • went down after i decided i wasn't going to fold them again to check on dinner.
  • it was overcooked and dry. seriously?!?
  • after three bites cooper poured out his entire cup of milk all over himself, the chair, and the floor.
  • cleaned up milk, cooper, and changed kids for the FOURTH time
  • brushed their teeth, prayers and scriptures and in bed ASLEEP by 6:45...

...apparently they wore themselves out ALMOST as much as they did me.

Rudy got home as the kids were getting in bed, I told him my sad story. He's giving me the day off on Wednesday- kid free to go do whatever I want. Smart man.
Thanks babe!

Life is good.