Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Fun!

This year's Christmas was a fun and laid back one.  We weren't able to visit family, but still enjoyed the
 Here are the kids showing off their Christmas Eve PJs. The boys wanted footie pjs just like their lil sis.

 Santa definitely came!  There was a note left on the fireplace that he and the elves couldn't lift the 'big gift' up the stairs.  The boys ran down to see a trampoline in a big box!  Luckily it's been a very warm winter so we were able to set up the tramp the next day and the boys enjoyed a day of jumping in 60 degree weather!
 Since Christmas was on Sunday this year, we opened our stockings...
 Then had Nana's tradition of buttermilk scones (of course, no where near as good as what Nana makes!)...
 Then what better way to celebrate Christ's birthday than to go to church?!  So we held off opening presents and off we went to church.
 After a great, spiritual meeting, we headed back home where the boys got back into a different new set of pjs...and the opening began!

It was so fun to have the addition of Kyla this year and to have the boys be really excited about the prospect of Christmas.  We missed being with family, but at least we were able skype and share a little with them.
What a wonderful season and time of year!  We're so grateful for the birth of Christ and all the joy and love that comes from celebrating His birth and who He is!  Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Pre-Christmas Fun

 December is one of my very favorite months.  It's full of good feelings, fun music, thinking of others, and together activities.  This December was no exception for us!

 We had a "Chinese night" at our house with some of our good friends! YUM :)

The boys decided to take up decorating... multiple times...some more successful than others.

 You know that old notion that kids would be just as happy playing with the box that the gift comes in??
It's TRUE.
Thanks Nana for the AWESOME BOX! (oh, and the gifts inside of it ;)

 Classic (and not so classic, slightly frightening) dress up fun.  Yes, those are balloons!

 One of the many adventures in the culinary 'arts'. 

Kyla started sitting up and rolling all over this month.  Her favorite place to roll was under the tree to grab presents to drool all over. 
 She actually unwrapped two gifts- both of them hers!  Already shaking (or eating) the presents to find out what they are!

So many messes, so many laughs, so much fun!