Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cooper saying his first word...? :)

So Rudy got his birthday early this year from his parents (thanks Mom and Dad Wolf!) We've been wanting to get a video camera for a while and as observed from exhibit A above... we got one! :) It's the 'Flip' video camera and it's awesome and super-duper portable! (If the quality isn't great, it's blogger, not the video camera ;) We're having way too much fun with it, and you will all have to pay as we'll be uploading lots more videos to our blog cause it makes it waaay too easy!!
Here's a bit of Tucker and Cooper randomness for you to enjoy! Do you think I can officially call that his 'first word'? ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter!

I love Easter...and not just because of the Starburst Jellybeans and Cadbury Mini Eggs...although that is a BIG part of it! :) I love everything the holiday denotes-- the Savior's resurrection and His incredible example--the life He lived and the death He overcame; spring and the rebirth of the world, family, bunnies and chicks and all sorts of cute fuzzy things, really yummy candy, egg hunts and egg rolling contests (which I have come to find most people don't know about sad!)

It was a great Easter...after we finished singing a duet in Sacrament Meeting ;) Rudy was asked to sing and he roped me along with him. Rudy's a great solo singer, however, I'm just a chorus girl. There are not many things that make me feel uncomfortable, and THAT is one of them. But I think the Spirit of the song came across, and that's all we were praying for. Church was great, then we came home and had naps, a bit of an Easter egg hunt, then off to the Tetterton's for a great dinner and some games. Besides really missing family, it was a beautiful day!

Our playgroup had a big Easter egg hunt party on Thursday...look at 'em all waiting so patiently!
That's the face of someone who genetically inherited an intense love of candy! :)

And what's a better end to a day then wrestling with daddy? Ahhh, boys...

And a thank you to the wonderful kids (and their moms!) who kept us company while Rudy was away this past weekend at his first externship. We had a lot of fun and so did he! He's excited to do more externships to continue to get a feel of how 'real world' dentistry is...without all the red tape of dental school. A few more weeks and we're down to our last year! Woo hoo!