Monday, October 31, 2011


A fun night with good friends!  The boys enjoyed ghouls, fingers, mummies, teeth, and monster claws for dinner with some swamp slime to wash it all down.

We decided for the first time to not go with a 'family theme' in our costumes this year.
...although Rudy and I picked a theme to go to an oral surgery costume party...

We won the costume contest :)

We tried walking and/or riding bikes from house to house in our neighborhood (I've always had an aversion to those kids who were driven from house to house to maximize their candy load), however, we quickly (25 minutes later) came back to the house after making it to only two doorsteps and jumped in the back of the Malone's van.  This was not to maximize any candy loads.  This was survival.  Multiple acre properties with 6 kids, 2 of them 4 of them all of them unable to make it on their own.  I think house driving was definitely excusable...and for the boys, quite fun.