Sunday, June 26, 2011

Super Duper Cooper!

 Cooper is THREE!! 
After almost a year of acting like he was three, he finally officially had his birthday!  
Although exceptionally small for his age and having the cutest little helium voice I think I've ever heard, Cooper has been talking extremely well and doing everything he can to try and keep up with his 5 year old brother this past year.  Because of that, we feel like we have a pretty mature 'little man' on our hands who is a bundle of joy in our lives! Cooper already has such a handle on social cues.  Whenever I try to wrestle or play with him and he's not in the mood, he always asks me to stop, then pauses and says, "But I yuv you!".  As if to say, "I don't want to hurt your feelings.  It's not you, it's me; and my lack of desire to play with you has nothing to do with my love for you."  At least once a day, while I'm busy with various chores, he'll come up to me and get my attention to say, "I yuv you Mommy!"  He will compliment people on what they're wearing- shoes, shirt, earrings, watch.  Which I find hilarious that a little boy even looks at those kinds of things, let alone thinks to make a point of telling someone that he likes it or he thinks it looks good! (Then again, he is Rudy's son :) 
Cooper loves to play pretend.  He and Tucker can play for hours with their McQueen cars or any other toy they can make talk.  He's so cute with Kyla and how he always wants to make her "yaf" and smile by tickling her feet or making silly faces.
Cooper, you're such a great kid!  We love you and cherishing every minute we have of your 'portableness', cute little voice, and mature and wonderful personality!

Disclaimer: Cooper decided he wanted a monster truck cake for his birthday, when asked what color of truck he wanted, his resounding answer was, "PINK!"  After repeated attempts at dissuading him, this was the outcome. No, I didn't just mess up a red truck cake, it's supposed to be pink! :)

  The one thing Cooper wanted for his birthday was his "Hippo Game".  We decided to go portable with it so he didn't lose the marbles.

The Scott's came over to help us celebrate Cooper's bday