Monday, March 30, 2009

My 9 month old just won his first award!!

There's nothing more disgusting than discovering your child eating their own poop.... unless you find them eating SOMEONE ELSE'S POOP! Congrats Cooper! You just got the MOST DISGUSTING award! You beat out last years winner... the "what are you chewing on? oh, just a used band-aid I found on the playground" award, won by Tucker.

I changed Tucker's poopy diaper, wrapped it up good, then chased after him to have him finish getting his clothes on. When I came back down the hall-about halfway-there was an extremely unpleasant aroma, followed by the horrendous site of my 9 month old with brown goopy hands, feet, and MOUTH.
my gag reflex and bottle of sanitizer sure got their exercise today!

I apologize that there aren't any pictures...wait, no I don't.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


No, not the coupon book. Just a quick, random update of the happenings of the past couple weeks.

Thanks to the Davidson's for a killer train track! Tucker has sooo much fun with it!

Movie party! (Jack and Laurie and Kylea, some of Tucker's favorite buds)

We got to hang out with Laurie and Jack while their mommy had a cute baby boy! Congrats Drea and family!
We got to go to a cultural arts with the Rucker's and Rudy got to be the 'assistant' to a juggler....I think he second-guessed his eagerness to be up on stage!
Tucker wanted his hair
Nice pink hair, eh? Tucker and Kylea playing with clay and paint...could it get any better?
Cooper empty handed but still havin fun! :)
Nice mask Tuck! It was a fun filled day at the cultural arts center!

Cooper makes a great canvas for Tucker's artwork!
Yay for bath time! Love my boys!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tacky Anyone?

So this is our first date in a while...apparently we need to get out more!

Our ward had a 'Tacky Party' this past Saturday...let's just say we won the prize for tackiest couple!! What's really frightening is how easy it was to pull together this look!!
Musical Chairs....
now that's a classic! :)
We all brought tacky food. Our's was PB&J for dinner and PB and chocolate chips for dessert. There was also Salisbury Steak in the microwave package, leftover fried chicken, jello in a year 2000 mold, cereal and milk, and ramen noodles. mmm mmm good!
The events of the evening included musical chairs, dodgeball, the electric slide, Pictionary, and pin the tail on the donkey... Good Times!

Monday, March 2, 2009


YAY! For the first time since we've moved to Virginia (three years ago), we got SNOW! I mean, we've had a little here and a little there, but nothing that ever really stuck or gave us the infamous 'snow days' we had heard so much about-- how Virginia pretty much shuts down if it snows because they don't have plows, etc. Well, we got a snow day!! And we even got a REAL snow...about a foot! It started Sunday night when we were supposed to go to a marriage fireside from 7-9 and Tucker was going to go to a 'movie party' with his friends. Well, we made it out two blocks and found out why the state closes down when it snows! It was impossible and we were swirving all over. We decided to head back home. Tucker was pretty bummed so we decided to have our own movie party. We got popcorn, cocoa and had a blast!

The fun continued today as Rudy stayed home and we played in the snow, drank more cocoa and enjoyed time together 'stuck' inside. Sadly, Rudy's got to go back tomorrow, but it was great fun to make some memories today! I love my family!! :)

In mid-'angel fall'
Rudy says my snow men weird him out... guess he doesn't appreciate real art! ;)