Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A new outlook on Barney

So all I really remember of Barney growing up is being waaay too cool for him and having all the boys in my class make fun of how 'gay' he is and mocking the 'I Love You' song. I remember rolling my eyes whenever I heard it and even as a parent secretly hoping my son never got into Barney. Well, I've turned a new leaf. We went with the Ruckers to go see Barney at the Children's Museum. Tucker didn't really know who he was , but I figured he'd love it and Kylea really likes Barney...and Tucker really likes Kylea, so it was a win-win. :) Thanks Ruckers for introducing Tucker to Barney! :) It was fun and Tucker really got into the songs and actions and everything. But the best experience was at the end when they sang the "I Love You" song. They started singing and as cheesy as this sounds, you could really feel the love in the room. It was fascinating to watch Tucker go from jumping around and being crazy to looking at Rudy and going and giving him a hug. The hug lasted all song and he kept kissing his cheek throughout it. That reaction wasn't instigated by us...he just did it. I looked around the room to see parents hugging their kids, kids hugging other kids...it was AWESOME! :) As cheesy and 'gay' as he may have seemed to have been when I was a tween, I really got to see the values and good things the big purple dinosaur could teach. Although that may be cheesy in it's own right, I'm now a fan of Barney! :) Random photoshop pic of Tucker and Cooper (since I couldn't get them together in a picture both happy...I cheated :)

Kylea and Tucker at the Children's Museum
Is that water sanitary? It looks questionable to me!

All glued to Barney's dancing

I love you, you love me...

Daddy and Tuck playing...they sure are good friends!Hangin outside, drinkin some high quality H2O

more good times with KyleaThanks for being such good buds Ruckers!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Celebrity Morph by MyHeritage

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mini Cooper and Tucker Sedan

So apparently we named both of our children after cars! Two good looking cars, if you ask me! ;) Life is good as far as new babies go. Cooper has been such a blessing! I was worried after having a good baby the first time around that I'd have a Colicky baby or one that struggled with sleeping or something. Well...not so much. As of a week ago he officially started sleeping through the night. At a month old sleeping from 11-7:30??? Who does that?! And literally from the day we brought him home from the hospital I have not had to wake up more than once a night to feed him! Ok, so I know that this fortune could disappear at any moment, so that's why I'm writing about it now and relishing in every full night's sleep I can get! :) Cooper is smiling a ton too...which is sooo fun..and earlier than I remembered with Tucker or was expecting. For Rudy's sake, no, it's NOT gas! (he gets kindof bugged when people say that babies smile just cause of gas). They're definitely response smiles and SOO cute! I think he looks more like Rudy than Tucker did, but only time will tell I suppose.

Cooper ('08)
Tucker ('06)

Tucker is getting more and more fun every day. His vocabulary is bursting lately with him trying to say every new word we throw at him. Not to say that he still doesn't need an interpreter for 90% of what he says! :) What Tucker is famous for lately is his expressive face. Rudy's had a lot of fun getting him to make all kinds of faces. And Tucker has some crazy eyebrows that really create some good ones! He's being a good big brother and getting better every day. I think he's finally realized that "mmmPa" (Cooper) isn't going anywhere, so he's consigned himself to liking him and being really cute with him...most of the time. :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Flowers in Virginia

Just some random shots with a fun camera of some beautiful foliage. :)