Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love and Monster Trucks

Thursday consisted of our annual Playgroup Vday party. The kids loved the cookie decorating (eating frosting off the spoon), the valentine passing out (throwing a varied number of unnamed pieces of paper w/ a treat attached into brown paper bags that have been splattered with valentine paraphernalia and globs of glue), and, of course, the 'loot discovery' (dumping out the glue soaked paper bag to rummage through the paper items to find the treats- eating as many as possible before an adult catches them).

Saturday Rudy and Tucker got into the Valentine's spirit and went to "Thunder Nationals"! Nothing says love and warm-fuzzies like huge trucks crushing cars and revving their engines. How sweet.
I knew it was a successful trip when Tucker came bouncing in the house at 11:40 PM wide-eyed and hearing-impaired.

Sunday? Sunday was a great day at church. :)

(note: I did get to sleep in and got a wonderful breakfast courtesy of hubby. Our 'Valentine's date' this year is postponed until the end of February when VCU has their Senior Ball that we will be attending.)