Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kyla's First Birthday

Our beautiful one year old girl!  Wow!  It's been a whole year already!  We LOVE having a girl in our home!  We love your beautiful crazy curly hair (like moms) and your wonderful cuddles and hugs that you give out so often.  We love that you wrestle with your brothers, but always have time to pick up anything that resembles a phone and put it to your ear to talk. We love that you're a daddy's girl and speed crawl over to the garage door when you hear his car pull up and yell, "DADDUN!"  We love your cheesy grin and infectious giggle.  We love YOU!  Happy Birthday Kyla!

Helping make the birthday cake?

 Kyla was due a month before her good friend Sydney... Sydney, however, was born 2 days before Kyla!  Luckily, she's not bitter that Sydney's a bit older and they were able to share their b-day celebration together. :)  Everyone else got normal-sized cupcakes...we thought these girls would enjoy the "super-sized" version!
Yay for presents!! 

 Happy Birthday Babygirl!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tucker's 6th bday

 Happy Sixth Birthday to our big boy!  Each year passes quicker than the last and this year was no exception!  What a joy you are to have in our life, in our family, and in our home.  You constantly surprise us and make us genuinely laugh at your goofy faces and funny things you do and say.  You're prayers are so deep and thoughtful and your understanding of the scripture stories is surprising and wonderful!  You're a great example to your little siblings.  I love seeing that you and Cooper are bestest friends and you are so good at playing with Kyla.  Your smile can light up a room.  You're such a bright spot in our lives! We love you bud!

 We had a simple party at home on his birthday, knowing we were going to have an outdoor friend bash later that weekend.

I think Kyla enjoyed the cupcake the most!

On Saturday, we had a "Jumping" friend party.  Our friends, the Smith's, let us borrow their bounce house to make it quite the extravaganza!  Thanks guys!
 Grocery sack races (don't work nearly as well as potato sacks!)
And what started the jumpy-themed party-- Tucker's intense desire to have either a bunny rabbit or frog cake! :)

 That gift is enough to make mom jump!!  eegghhh.

 Too bad the adults didn't have any fun at the party...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Strawberry Patchin'

 Yummy strawberries, lots of mess, and lots of fun!

 Apparently its hard work pickin' strawberries!