Monday, June 23, 2008

Shouldn't you have popped by now??

I think that's my favorite of all the wonderfully helpful comments I've gotten as I'm now a week past my due date and NO BABY! Other equally endearing ones are:'re STILL here?? Haven't you gotten that baby out yet?? Aren't you supposed to be done?? Haven't taken enough rides on bumpy roads, huh? CASTOR OIL! Why don't you try jumping up and down a little more? What's wrong with your doctor, why hasn't he induced you yet?? poor thing. Bless your heart! :)

I guess I shouldn't be that surprised as Tucker wasn't even close to ready at 10 days past the due date. I'm hoping to wait this one out for another week and say lots of prayers because I want so bad to feel what it's like to actually GO into labor and to not have a replay of the horrible induction experience I had last time. The only problem is I have a doctor that is VERY much FOR induction and c-section. Why, you ask, have I not changed doctors?...that's an exceptional question! I heard so many great things about him just being ok w/ whatever the patient wanted and being really flexible...little did I know all the people I talked to were people who wanted elective c-section or to be induced 2 weeks early...he's not a fan of people who want to take the more natural route. Don't get me wrong, he really is a great guy...just not my style and I found it out too late. So now I'm just waiting with the doctor on my heels almost begging me to get an induction and telling me all of the bad things that can happen the longer I wait, while I get all kinds of comments from people about how bad my doctor must be because he hasn't induced me (little do they know :) or how crazy I am for wanting to stick it out until my baby ACTUALLY becomes overdue at 42 weeks. I think next time I'm just going to tell everyone that my due date is actually two weeks later than it is. :) Whew! Ok...I've officially vented. Hopefully the next post will be pics of a healthy baby boy! :) Just have to keep telling myself that I actually WILL have this baby...eventually....right???

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well...not even really knowing what being 'tagged' is all about, I got a threat from my sister, Ginny, that I needed to respond to her tagging me. Having played tag with her all growing up, I'm taking this threat seriously and responding! :) (love ya Gin! :) She also said something to the effect that after I do this, I can go into let's get this baby DONE! (pun intended)

list 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions, 3 random surprising facts about yourself.

OK... 3 joys:
Can't narrow it to three...there are so many joys in life! Hubby, kiddo(s), family all over the place, friends, the Gospel, nature, art, beauty everywhere, a long jog on a cool spring/fall day (miss that so much right now in my waddling state!), good food, cuddling up to a movie, playing a sport with fun people, games, laughing, etc, etc, etc

3 fears:
1: Depths- hate the dark murkiness of not being able to see what's swimming below my feet!
2: Spiders- Rudy can attest to this one...doesn't matter the size, they all completely creep me out.
3: Finding out my body just won't go into labor and/or having a c-section.

3 goals:
1: Have my artwork hanging in a show/store.
2: Have all of my children active in the church as adults (goal/PRAYER :)
3: Take advantage of my obnoxious muscle mass and make the best of it by getting in REALLY good shape (Rudy wants us to be gym rats together...when we have money for a gym ...I'll leave the body building competitions and modeling to him! ;)
4: to be as clean and organized as Ginny and Dave :)

3 current obsessions:
1. How to go into labor :)
2. finding great deals/free stuff- love it! whether its upgrading our Sprint plan to 1200 minutes, free unlimited text, free unlimited internet and a new Centro for no increase to our plan cost, or getting coupons for free stuff at grocery stores at, or getting on and swapping free stuff. Good times! (to those who know me, the cheapness factor should be NO surprise! :)
3. The Wii Mariokart and Dance dance revolution (although i've had to do a little less 'dance dance' and a little more 'shuffle shuffle'). Good times w/ hubby and good exercise!

3 random surprising facts about myself:
1: I can sing row, row, row your boat in a round by myself (or with Ginny when we do it alone together- which she so aptly pointed out is then no longer really a round OR by myself).
2: Though I DESPISED babysitting while growing up I REALLY enjoy being a mom!...I even really like the solitude it provides by not being in the 'business world'.
3: Despite my deep, inner cheapness and joy I find through great deals, I am excited to someday SPEND MONEY! (shh...don't tell Rudy :).

Now I think I'm supposed to tag someone else? I tag Rudy and dare him to post on the blog! :)

And there we have it... now just waiting for the contractions to start...