Friday, May 23, 2008

Our trip to Outer Banks, NC

Tucker's 2nd Bday

Happy Birthday little man! We can't believe Tucker is 2! It's amazing how fast kids really do grow up. I'm getting a better appreciation every day for the parents who say, "seems like just yesterday my son was that small...". It's so fun to watch him turn into a kid! He's got such a great personality and keeps Rudy and me laughing- from his crazy faces to cute backwards words in his little voice. It really is a priceless experience to be a parent and watch as your child learns and grows and becomes the person he/she is meant to be! What an incredible gift God has given us!! We love you Tucker and are so glad you're in our lives!!

How crazy is this- we found a brand new ball pit someone was giving away...and it's a DENTIST ball pit! You can play with the balls and extract the teeth!! :) Tucker's not the only one who loves this one!
He LOVES Trucks!!

Enjoying the ball pit
Had a little too much cake? :)
Tucker has never really noticeably thrown a TANTRUM until the very day of his 2nd bday. He had the whole package- four limb flailing, red-faced screaming, face contorting tantrum! Good to know he's TWO! :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ode to Toddler beds

So this post is dedicated to Tucker's new experiences with his 'big-boy bed'. I just have to say I think the transition from crib to bed is SO MUCH FUN for the parents! It's like opening a random present every time we open the door after he's fallen asleep...where is he going to be and what has he destroyed that's laying next to him before he fell asleep. We have to make sure not to open the door too fast, never knowing if he's fallen asleep right in front of it or not. One of the first nights Rudy went in when it was a little too dark and almost stepped on the poor kid!
Needless to say, he loves his big-boy bed (cause it has trucks on it and we make a big deal of what a cool bed it is) and he seems to be getting plenty of sleep...whether it's in the bed or not!

Rudy's officially now a 3rd year dental student, having just finished his finals for 2nd year. He's got about three weeks off (which he'll be studying for the boards) and then back for a month of clinic, then three more weeks off when my parents are coming out (to visit and see the new baby) then back into crazy life starting in August. But this summer should be pretty fun and I should actually see a fair amount of him which will be SOO nice! We got fencing material off of freecycle so we're going to be putting up a fence for the backyard so this wobbling 8 month pregnant body doesn't have to run so much to keep up with the two year old! :) Our 'house projcts' are going to be mostly outside this summer I think. We've been working on 'landscaping' which term I use lightly because the majority of houses in VA don't worry too much about grass, driveways, or many flowers besides the ones that just randomly grow in the yard. But hey! We never have to water our yard! :) We're all about conserving water...riiiight. :)