Friday, January 18, 2008

Baby Boy #2!

Yea for boys! We found out earlier this week that we're going to have another boy! Rudy couldn't be more excited and I love the idea. I was really totally happy with either since a girl would be fun because we don't have one and it'd be nice to have ONE girl...maybe :) but a boy is great because we have all the stuff already, they can share rooms for a while, and Tucker will have a buddy he'll be able to play with and wrestle with and fight with. Ahhh joy! :) we just have to find a name. Then again, we could just wait and look around the hospital when we get there for the birth! Rudy likes that idea. :)

(I put up these pics believing that people actually know what in the world they're looking at! Good luck! ;)

I also created a blog of a few pieces of artwork with details in case anyone knows anyone who's looking for some 'custom art' in their life! :) the link is in the upper right corner. (shameless plug)

I haven't officially announced my pregnancy around these here parts. I'm still getting by playing stake women's basketball, but I really should stop soon since I don't really know how to not play hard. It's been so much fun though and a great outlet for me!
Rudy's going strong 7-5 (at least) pretty much every day. It's nice because he has less homework, but he sure isn't home as much. I can't decide what I'd prefer: home more but 'untouchable' or home less then really 'home' when he's done. All I know is that I'm grateful for Martin Luther King Jr. Day! :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! What a fun and crazy month December was for us!
We spent the whole month in Utah with my parents and ever growing family. It was so fun for Tucker to play with all of his cousins! He got to play in snow for the first time...

I'm not sure he really liked it. Rudy and I had fun making a snowman though!
We were able to really relax (especially Rudy, not having to worry about school). And spend a lot of time together. It was so nice.
We didn't get our E-Christmas card out like we wanted to...this was going to be the, Merry Christmas from the Wolfs! :)
(Tucker's way of folding his arms for prayer)
Tucker had so much fun...I don't know which he enjoyed more...Nana and Papa, the cousins, or the STAIRS! He spent SO much time on the stairs, enjoying something so fun that we don't have in Virginia. :)
Mom and Dad got the Wii, which was way too much fun to watch them box. And which made Rudy a very happy man.
He had some real Daddy/son bonding time with the Wii.
Yea for Christmas morning! What a crazy day filled with family and...craziness. It was really fun. Tucker started to really understand 'presents' and that the thing inside the box was more fun than the box (although the box was still a lot of fun).'s homemade scones and Cambelled eggs....MMMMM. Nothing quite like traditional family foods at Christmas. We had quite the scone factory going but still couldn't quite pump them out as fast as they were being eaten. They're just THAT good :)
What a party! And having 25 people over was just the immediate family! Later on Christmas we had all of my mom's side over for a whole houseful of family. I'm impressed with Rudy and how he really seems to like (or not totally mind) the huge numbers, especially coming from a non-huge family. :) New years eve was fun having a few adult couples come over for a Bunko party (a Wolf tradition that we were able to do this year for was really fun). The month went a lot faster than both of us were expecting and before we knew it, it was time to go. It's kindof sad to see Tucker now...he gets really lonely during the day. He had so much fun playing with his cousins! I guess it's a good thing we've got another on the way to give himsome family to play with in Virginia! :) We miss family! It's hard being so far away and hard to be reminded how much fun they are! We love Virginia, but will be excited to be back closer to family when the time comes.
So, it was a great December and wonderful holiday season. Now we're back in the swing of things with Rudy going long days and starting to see patients. I'm continuing with mommying, work, art, and trying to get outside every chance I get in this 70 degree weather until it disappears soon! :) We love you all!