Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 After our extremely fun trip to South Bend, we took the 12 hour drive back in one day with my parents and they were able to stay for an additional week o fun!  We had a great time playing games, dressing up, going to soccer games and halloween activities and all kinds of other randomness. 

One night Rudy even bought Kroger out of all their kinds of Private Selection ice cream and we had our own 31 flavors ice cream binge night!  mmmmm.... :)

The kids loved hanging out with Nana and Papa


And, of course, being October (and the just Wolf household) the days were filled with all kinds of random dress up fun!

We were even able to do a little bit of sight seeing (the little bit we hadn't done yet in the area :) 

Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest (basically his vacation home built in similar manner to Monticello)

The National D-Day memorial in Bedford.

The kids had their school Halloween parties...

Nana and Papa left just before Halloween and missed our Halloweenie meal of brains, hearts, slime and eyeballs and worms...I think they were really disappointed! :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Soccer Boys

 The boys had a fun soccer season this fall.  Tucker played in U8, which brought a lot more organization and competition to the game.  He was so-so on the idea of the competition of it all, but had fun, improved his skills, and really enjoyed swinging on the goal posts in his spare time :)

 It was Cooper's first year in soccer.  Cooper, on the other hand really took to the competition factor and, although the smallest kid on the field (besides Kyla when she'd sneak on), he was quite the soccer animal and found out he really enjoys the sport!

The boy's biggest fan. :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

South Bend, Indiana Road Trip!

 Why, you ask, would we drive to South Bend, Indiana??  Well, to see a BYU vs. Notre Dame game, of course!  
Ginny and Dave came out to DC for Dave's work conference in early October.  Thanks to their fun planning, they decided to drive down from there to visit us for a day, then we jumped in our van and headed out to Indiana to see the big game (with an overnight stop and a nice temple trip in Columbus, OH to break up the drive)...and of course, good food! :)

 We chose all of our eating destinations via TripAdvisor (highly recommended).  Some were a little 'scary' with 50 year old freaky dolls hanging from the menu board, but all the food was good, and experiences were great!

 When we got to South Bend, my parents, who had flown into Indiana met us for the game, lots of fun...and more really good food. :)


The game itself was a lot of fun.  We lost, but we weren't blown out...we even led at the half (which isn't bad, seeing the Norte Dame made the National Championship game this year!)


We filled the void the loss created with...more food! :)  We found this great little asian restaurant where the owner sat down with us, asked us questions of what kind of food we liked and ordered for us.  The food was AWESOME!  Almost worth a road trip back to eat there again! :)  ...almost.
 After a few days of kid-free (thanks Malones!) food and football frenzy fun, Ginny and Dave flew out of Indiana and we headed back with my parents to VA.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wolf Cub #4! AAALLL boy!!

 Here's our cute little bundle of joy! All seems well from the ultrasound and he's kicking me like crazy.  Although we were all thinking girl, there's no question this one's NOT a girl :)  
And we're so excited and love that the Lord is in charge and is bringing this sweet spirit into our home and our family and we love him so much already!

 Rudy and I both feel like he's got more of Cooper's look...but that's in utero and through a bunch of amniotic fluid.  We'll have to wait a few more months to find out for sure ;)

Um...don't think there's much question here...

 In this picture: eating his own fist.  Seemed quite ravenous throughout the ultrasound! :)
Now onto how to redecorate Kyla's room to make it boy-friendly and figuring out a NAME!