Monday, January 26, 2009

Anyone want a home?

So we're selling our home! we're putting it up on the market to see what happens. We're thinking about staying in VA a couple of years after Rudy graduates as he's got some possible job opportunities. We're looking at a possibility of selling this home and getting into a foreclosure or something under market value that would be a good investment opportunity (as well as more room for our family that will most likely be growing in the next few years). So we the hay, why not? We're giving it the good ol' college try at selling it ourselves. If nothing else comes from this it's been a good learning opportunity and will make us that much more ready when we really HAVE to sell it! ;)
But hey! If you know of anyone who needs a good starter home in VA, let 'em know!
Here's a site we created about the home for interested buyers...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

And a Happy New Year!

I pre-warn and pre-apologize for these last two posts as there are lots-o-pictures. Truth is, I cut out about 40 that I wanted to put in. I think I'll probably do a slideshow for those of you who really want to procrastinate whatever else you should be doing! :) There was just TOO MUCH FUN and too many fun things with too many cute people to not do so many pictures!

After a wonderful two weeks in San Diego we headed off to Bountiful to celebrate a little belated Christmas and to bring in the New Year. It was fun to watch Tucker jump right in with the rest of his cousins and wreak havoc on Nana and Papa's house! ;)
We enjoyed a family parties, games, food, and lots o football! (for those who don't know my mom... well... let's just say I learned all I know about football from my mom! (sorry dad ;)
Tucker enjoyed his 'first' time in the snow, as far as he could remember and I have to say, Rudy did a great job of dressing him for the occasion (see picture below).
I got to visit with a few of my friends from high school, which was really fun. It's so great to have friends that you can just pick up right where you left off!
It was so fun to see the whole family and hear Tucker call for his cousins and Nana and Papa and Oma and Opa and have the families finally meet Cooper. Tucker's still asking for his Opa to fix his truck and Papa to fix the doorknob...that's another story.
WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU ALL VERY VERY MUCH! Thanks for making our Christmas break so wonderful (and so hard to come back to real life! :)

p.s. Blogger and I are not friends right's not letting me move my photos, so I apologize on Blogger's behalf if you cannot see some of them!

Such good friends already!

A work in progress :)

Yay for Tucker's great facial expressions!

Just hangin' out

Yay for good friends!

Lots of cute boys in stripes!!

The aforementioned 'snow suit' Rudy made for Tucker

Yay for games!

No Nana's were seriously hurt in the making of this photo

All the cousins sitting down for some good grub!

This was part of Tucker 'wreaking havoc' with packing peanuts...those were all completely stuck to Tucker's hair from all the took some serious coaxing to get them off!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Merry Christmas!

What a fun whirlwind the past three weeks have been! (ok, more like the past month and a half...but we're just going to talk about vacation here.) We started off going to San Diego on the 13th until the 27th to party with Rudy's parents and had lots of fun doing a lot of stuff! We had a wonderful, beautiful Christmas with Oma and Opa spoiling and giving us way more than our luggage could hold! (Thanks guys! ;) We ate wonderful food (which we're now trying to work off, went to the Children's Museum), the Wild Animal Park (thanks to Rudy's brother Adam), had fun at the traditional 'Bunko Party', played way too much 'Rockband' :) (or according to Rudy, not enough!) So much fun!

We were able to go to the San Diego Children's Museum with Oma and Opa. Tucker wasn't the only one who had a great time!

Christmas Eve, Rudy and I took Tucker (Oma and Opa watched Cooper...thanks!) and we went to the Wild Animal Park thanks to Tickets that Rudy's brother gave us. It was so much fun, there were beautiful animals and NO ONE was there! It was like we had the park all to ourselves!
We went to the bird show at the park. At the beginning of the show, the woman in charge said, "if you feel like you need to duck...just DUCK!" Well, in case you were wondering, when looking through a viewfinder of a camera 'items in view are LARGER and CLOSER than they appear.' This gargantuan crane was swooping from one side of the arena to the next, getting ever so close. I thought, 'wow, what a great photo this would make!' I pulled out my trusty camera and waited for the large bird to fly once again in my direction.
Exhibit A (above photo) "Wow that crane seems awfully close to the camera!" I think to myself, .02 seconds before...WHACK!! "I think I just got whacked by a very large bird!" I pull the camera away to find feather remnants stuck in the lens... I, indeed, got struck by a crane (and still have the remnants to prove it!)
Tucker had a blast at the petting corral.
Hello? Deery? Why aren't you playing?? (can anyone hear Darla's voice from finding Nemo right now?) Poor Deer!
Normal day hangin' out with the gorillas!
Ahh...the wonderment in a child's face...few things so sweet!

Christmas Day was wonderful! We had so much fun eating and playing and being together.

Fun surprises

Baby's 1st Christmas
Opa and Oma think they're funny and got a really fun LOUD NOISE-MAKER TOY....thanks guys! ;)
CARS!!Boys never grow up! ;)Rudy and Adam commandeering Tuckers race track for some good old fashioned brother duels

Some of the YUMMY food!

It was so fun to see Tucker really get into Christmas this year...amazing how kids bring such a pure joy into Christmas!

Thanks Opa!

More pics to come on this soon as our computer decides it wants to let us open up our flash drives on it. oye.