Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rudy's big boo-boo

So Rudy called me last week about to pass out as he was looking down at his finger. All he was able to tell me on the phone was, "babe, I cut my finger really bad and right now I can't move it, definitely going to need stitches and I might have cut thru a nerve." He had to get off the phone to talk to faculty and work out what he was going to do about it--so he said, "I'll call you later," and hung up.
Sheesh! What am I supposed to do with that information?! Now I have 20 minutes to let my imagination go CRAZY. Ok, he's sliced thru his finger that he does all of his dentistry with and has cut a nerve. Which means thousands of dollars in medical repairs, and who knows if it will ever work the same? Four years of dental school and he's not even going to be able to be a dentist!?! Ok, so I tried not to go to crazy, but those thoughts definitely went thru my mind as I waited for the follow-up call.
He called me back after what seemed like forever to let me in on the ever so important details...
He was working on a cast for a bridge he was making for a patient using an x-acto knife. With a fair amount of force, he slipped off the cast and dug the blade deep into his left hand pinky, slicing a deep cut all the way across his poor little finger. As sad as I was to hear about his pinky I was so relieved that it was pretty much the best finger possible to have anything bad happen to. He was relieved and very grateful too, especially because he started gaining feeling back as he headed home.
Now here's the other miraculous part of the story: Yes, he was heading HOME and not to the emergency room because we have some pretty amazing friends that just so happen to be medically inclined. So Rudy was feeling well enough to drive himself home and one of our favorite doctors came over on a 'house call' to stitch up his finger! 10 stitches, some good pain medication, a little food, and a lot of laughs later, Rudy was all patched up and ready to go- no nerve damage and it's healing nicely, he's even able to work on patients without a problem! (In fact, he just took the stitches out tonight...himself...ewww.)
We're so grateful for the angels watching out for us in so many areas of our lives, both those we can see and those we can't!

Warning: Viewer Discretion Advised.
Those who are squeamish of stomach when it comes to blood and needles may not desire to view the following graphic photos (that's for you, mom :). Those sick few of you who really like it may click on the photos for a close up view (i.e. Ginny).

OpIf you can't see his eyes on this one, you'll definitely have to enlarge it. It was really interesting to see what happened to the man who has no problem dealing with blood and gore. Not so tough when it is HE who is the patient! Made for some good empathy for his patients, though.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mug Shots...

I was going to be cute and clever and photoshop a mug shot plaque onto the photos, but since I barely can find time to throw some pictures up on the blog to let people know I'm still alive, you'll just have to imagine it.
Partners in crime...
I dare say this won't be the last time!

Yeah, I knew there would be hazards to having my "art studio" be in the same location as our "library" and "Cooper's room", but we don't have a lot of choice right now! :) I just have to say two things:
1. I'm SO glad it was acrylic and not oil
2. Our used steam carpet cleaner was the best purchase we've made thus far in Virginia