Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tball boys

Tucker and Cooper had a great tball season this year because they got to be on the same team!  
I love that they're such great friends and enjoyed playing together so much.  They both improved a lot and had fun. 

Cooper was by far the smallest on the team but we loved seeing peoples reaction when the little boy with the helmet as big as he was would get up and actually hit the ball well! :)

Tucker was a power hitter this year.  His goal was to hit it into the grass (outfield) and he accomplished that quite a few times!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Early April activities

We started off April wanting to redo our deck.  There's a resurface product called "Restore" that we used instead of tearing it all out and replacing it.

I'd say we got an effective before and after shot!

Later that same day we decided to go to the Virginia Safari Park.  
We heard it was fun, but didn't quite know what to expect until we got there...

They gave us buckets of feed at the beginning of this drive-thru safari adventure!  Driving through 180 acres of animal-rich land with our windows down...
Talk about up close and personal!  

They also had an area of the park you could walk around and see animals on foot.

...still very up close and personal!

Definitely a fun adventure!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 'n Easter

We didn't get any snow this winter...
until the end of March!

 it's nice to be able to use our backyard at least once a year ;)

And here's a peaceful Easter family shot... but in reality...
we've got a zoo! :)

 The kids enjoyed a few opportunities to hunt for eggs.

...some a little better at finding than others

We went to our friends house on Monday for an egg rolling olympics for FHE- Tucker won the grand prize!  A whole bag of cadbury eggs for himself.  His mom was pretty jealous. :)

Thursday, February 28, 2013


A whole busy month in one post!  Here we go!  I  always have to start off the month of February by saying, "Happy Dental Health Month!" Molar Man is especially busy this month visiting all kinds of local schools to teach about dental health!  What a hot tooth!! :)

The month started off with a newborn and a 30th birthday!  I wanted to have 4 kids before I turned 30 and I made it by 10 days! :) (a surprise because he didn't come two weeks late like i was planning on!)
 I had happened upon a couple of clues that made me pretty sure Rudy was getting me a MacBook for my birthday.  Although I wasn't too happy about the cost of something like that, I was actually really excited about the gift...I was just hoping there was some way he got a good deal on it.  Being such a large gift, I didn't even think about him doing anything else for my birthday.
So the night before my birthday, we dropped the kids off at the Malones so we could go on a date.  We went out to a nice dinner then grabbed some ice cream at the grocery store to come back to their house and play some games with them before we went home.  I walked through their door to see a green MacBook sitting on their counter. Surprise!  I tried to act as suprised as I could as i walked around to see the green keyboard (Rudy maximized on my favorite color).  Then I looked at the screen. Cute. Rudy had gotten a photo of some of my family and put it as the desktop picture.  Wait. Nicole is moving.  Is my Dad laughing??  What is going on!?  SURPRISE!  They had skyped my family and they were all there waiting to say Happy Birthday!  So fun!  So after a couple of minutes talking to them thinking this was such a great birthday gift, Rudy decided that he wanted to show how the computer could be connected to the TV downstairs, so down we walk to the basement...
Rudy and Lauren Malone had secretly gotten together over a dozen of our friends to give me not one, but TWO surprise parties!  That was such a true surprise!  Here i was thinking I had him figured out and it never even crossed my mind that he'd go so overboard (although now thinking back, I dont know why I didn't guess he'd go big as I think about the way he proposed! :) Nonetheless, it was a great party with family and friends and fun games.  I don't have many pictures of that night except this one of Rudy winning a Minute To Win It game pulling out all tissues from a box individually in under a minute. Way to go babe! :)  
Thanks to all who were involved in making my 30th a VERY memorable one!! 

After my bday, we just enjoyed Micah and tried to figure out how to do 4 kids.  Thank goodness a few days later...

My parents came!  YAY!  So fun!  There was a lot of playing...

And playing...
And playing...
And playing...
And playing...
And playing...
And cuddling.

Ok, in reality, we did play a lot and had a lot of fun, but my parents helped out more than I can even write about!  They were always there helping with the kids, cleaning, cooking, running errands, making baby (and mommy) blankets, etc, etc.  It was so wonderful, and so very appreciated!

Also, I got a second bday celebration with my mom bringing out all of my childhood toys- my Cabbage Patch doll (cleaned, mended, and just like new!), the Littlest Pet Shop, etc. As well as some frames and a BYU blanket she tied while she was here.  My 30th was the birthday that just keeps on giving! 

We were able to bless Micah while they were here too!  Such a sweet experience! So glad all my boys have such great examples of worthy, wonderful priesthood holders in my husband and father!!

It was hard to have them go!  We miss them and cant wait to see them again!!
We love you NanaPapa!

Now, back to trying to figure out 4 kids on my own...